Rugby Boots Monarcida Neo III Select FG Molded Cleats for Dry Ground White and Red - Mizuno

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Soft synthetic leather upper. For forwards on dry ground.
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Manufacturer Mizuno
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Comfort and Fit

Wide fit

The Mizuno Monarcida Neo III Select FG rugby boots offer a wide fit that accommodates various foot shapes. The soft synthetic leather upper molds perfectly to your feet, providing both comfort and flexibility. The ZERO GLIDE insole, which offers approximately 1.5 times more grip than a standard insole, ensures enhanced stability on the field.

Materials and Technology

Soft synthetic leather upper

The upper of these boots is made from soft synthetic leather, ensuring a soft touch and precise ball control. This feature is essential for players seeking both comfort and performance.


The boots utilize the ZERO GLIDE insole, which provides better grip and helps prevent slipping inside the boot. This allows players to stay focused on their game without worrying about comfort.


These boots are suitable for all surfaces, including natural grass, artificial turf (4G and 5G), and other synthetic surfaces. They are inspired by the MORELIA NEO series, ensuring quality and durability.

Technical Features

  • Wide fit
  • Soft synthetic leather upper
  • ZERO GLIDE insole
  • Suitable for all surfaces (natural grass, artificial turf 4G and 5G, synthetic surface)
  • Inspired by the MORELIA NEO series

Usage and Care

Type of ground

Ideal for dry ground, these boots ensure excellent performance on this type of surface, providing optimal traction and stability for quick movements and frequent direction changes.

Player position

Particularly suitable for forwards, they offer the control and precision needed to improve passing and shooting.

Care instructions

To ensure the durability of your boots, return them in their original box placed inside a shipping box, or reuse the envelope in which the products were delivered.

For more advice on choosing the right rugby boots for your needs, check out our detailed article.

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