Men's Rugby Mouthguard France Flag Tricolour from 10 years to Adults - Gilbert

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Men's Rugby Mouthguard France Flag Tricolour from 10 years to Adults - Gilbert for rugby players
- Anatomical mouthguard in the colours of the French flag 
-Boil & Bite technology: scouring and biting, gum protection and moulding to fit your jaw
-Extra Wall technology minimises injuries to the jaw and skull
-Very good value for money model
-Pre-moulded protection and puck support to facilitate breathing and swallowing 
-Supplied with its case and instructions for use

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Men's Rugby Mouthguard France Flag Tricolour from 10 years to Adults - Gilbert

A mouthguard is an essential accessory for a rugby player. It protects the player from blows to the upper arch. The mouthguard is nowadays compulsory for rugby players. In order to practice your favourite sport in complete safety, opt for this Men's Rugby Mouthguard France Tricolour 10 years / Adults from Gilbert.

The Gilbert brand is inseparable from rugby as the brand was born with rugby! William Gilbert (1799-1877), who gave his name to a famous brand of rugby union equipment, is said to be the inventor of the rugby ball.
When, in 1823, William Webb Ellis, according to legend, took the ball in his hand and created rugby, it was probably a William Gilbert ball that he took. The ball is made of fresh pig bladders covered with a leather envelope made of four ovoid panels.

More details:
Famous in sport, especially rugby, Gilbert presents an exceptional product, with the colours of France.
The French flag is featured on this product.
This mouthguard is designed to fit any dentition thanks to its pre-moulded shape reinforced by an Extra Wall thickness which limits shocks to the jaw and skull.
The mouthguard used in rugby is worn only on the upper teeth. It is designed to protect against blows to the teeth and gums. It allows a reduction of vibrations in the jaw. All models are either thermoformable (thermo-mouldable), i.e. they have to be immersed in boiling water (about 30 seconds) in order to be perfectly adapted to your teeth, or they are custom-made. In general, most manufacturers offer two sizes: adult and junior.

How do I mould my mouthguard?
To mould your mouthguard easily, prepare two bowls, one with cold water and one with boiling water, as well as a glass of cold water and a tool to catch the mouthguard in the hot water. When the water has boiled, simply pour it into the empty bowl, place the mouthguard in it according to the time indicated in the instructions supplied with your mouthguard, then place it in the bowl of cold water for three seconds using your utensil and insert it into your mouth. Clench your teeth loosely to mould it as close to your teeth as possible and press it over your mouth so that it fits snugly against your gums. Drink the glass of cold water, while sucking on the mouthguard so that it cools completely as it takes the shape of your teeth. If it is not perfectly moulded, repeat the operation once.

How to maintain your mouthguard?
To preserve your rugby mouthguard and enjoy its quality for a long time, it is important to take care of it. We recommend that you rinse it with clean water after each use and regularly clean it thoroughly with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Remember to store it in its case between training sessions or matches.

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